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How Blockchain Technology Works

3 minutes
Watch the instructional video before starting the quiz
Today we delve into the nuts and bolts of how blockchain technology operates. Picture yourself at a bustling farmer's market where every transaction is meticulously noted. Similarly, a blockchain keeps a digital record across a network of computers. Every sale is like a transaction on this ledger, grouped into blocks and strung together into a chain, creating a permanent, secure history. We explore 'mining,' the process where special participants solve puzzles to validate transactions. This is akin to the 'Proof of Work' method used by Bitcoin, which ensures the ledger's integrity. However, not all blockchains are the same. Some, including Ethereum and the HAQQ Network, are shifting towards 'Proof of Stake,' where validators are chosen based on their cryptocurrency holdings to create new blocks. Blockchain's transparency and security echo the trustworthiness of a market's transaction records, despite challenges like scalability and energy consumption. As we wrap up, remember that learning about blockchain is more than tech-speak—it's preparing us to influence our future.