Haqq Network

Haqq is the blockchain network that issues Islamic Coin, its native cryptocurrency. Haqq is fast, trusted and compatible with thousands of applications around the world. Blockchain is a technology that allows you to interact securely with other people, as it contains built-in protection. Blockchain technology uses cryptography and provides continuous control over all transactions by side of other participants. All this provides exceptional reliability of transactions.

The most important features of Haqq

Proof of Stake mechanism allows Haqq holders to participate in the network consensus alongside Validators – and earn rewards for securing the network. Ethereum compatibility allows developers to build thousands of applications on Haqq using the existing Ethereum codebase and toolset, without rewriting smart contracts that already work on Ethereum or other Ethereum-compatible networks. IBC compatibility allows Haqq to interact with other IBC-compatible networks like Cosmos and Ethereum (via Cosmos Ethereum Bridge). High throughput with instant finality makes Haqq usable for applications beyond financial: social platforms, games, educational projects and much more.


Shariah-compliant blockchain network and digital currency. The Fatwa is issued by some of the world's most renowned and revered Shariah scholars. Evergreen DAO, funded by Haqq base token emission, and governed by network participants – dedicated to supporting innovative projects for the international Muslim community. Builders Incentive – Smart Contract authors are incentivized to deploy ecosystem-demanded contracts by network mechanics.

Century Tokenomics

Finite base token supply. The Emission process lasts for 100 years, rate being reduced every 2 years, until 100 billion tokens are minted.