Ledger Hardware Wallet: Guidelines and Security Measures

The instructions below will outline procedures for safe and secure generation of account facilities and recommendations for keeping your account safe.


Order a Ledger Nano X, Nano S or Nano S Plus from the official Ledger website. You are not safe if you buy a Ledger device from any other retailer! After you collect your Ledger device, please make sure the contents of the box matches the ones shown in the video:

Wallet setup

Please follow the steps shown in the video corresponding to your Ledger model:

(same as Nano S)

Make sure:

  • No one is watching you while you are setting up your device
  • No cameras are recording you setting up your device
  • You keep the recovery phrase in a safe place only you can access

Failure to follow these recommendations may result in losing your funds!

Ethereum App installation

1. Enter your password

Open the Ledger Live application you have installed during the Wallet setup step. Enter your password.


2. Enter the PIN

Select the “Manager” menu item and enter the PIN on your Ledger device:


3. Allow Ledger Manager

Your device will ask you to allow Ledger Manager, do so by simultaneously pressing both buttons on the Ledger


4. Install the “Ethereum (ETH)” App

In the App Catalog, find the “Ethereum (ETH)” App and press “Install”. IMPORTANT: select “Ethereum (ETH)”, Not “Ethereum Classic (ETC)”!


5. Proceed to Web3 Wallet installation

Wait for the App to be installed. Then proceed to Web3 Wallet installation.


Web3 Wallet Installation

6. Install a MetaMask extension

If you don’t already have Google Chrome, please install it

Open Google Chrome, then install a MetaMask extension from this page


7. Proceed to open a MetaMask extension

MetaMask is your Haqq Web3 Wallet. It should have been launched automatically. If not, proceed to open it


8. Create a Wallet

Select “Get started”. Then “Create a Wallet” button on the right


9. Create a password

Press “No thanks” when asked to gather information from your wallet usage. Create a password, enter it twice, agree to the Terms of Use, and press “Create” button:


10. Press the “Next” button

On the next page with the Secret Recovery Phrase video, press the “Next” button. You won’t be using this phrase because you will not connect MetaMask to your Ledger Hardware Wallet. Then press “Remind me later”


11. Press the circle in the top right corner

Now you are in your MetaMask wallet. Close the “What’s new” pop-up. Then press the circle in the top right corner.


12. “Connect Hardware Wallet” – “Ledger”

Then press “Connect Hardware Wallet” Select “Ledger” and press “Continue”:


13. Enter your PIN

You will be asked to connect your device, select your Ledger model and press “Connect” Your Ledger device will ask you for your PIN. Please enter it. You will see an UKNOWN_ERROR message. This is normal, please ignore.


14. Select first account in the Ethereum App

You should now open the Ethereum App on your device. Since it’s the only app installed on your device, it should already be selected in the Menu, and you only need to press both buttons of the Ledger device simultaneously, in order to launch the App. After you see “Application is ready” on your device screen, press “Continue” in MetaMask. You will be asked to connect your Ledger Nano device again. Please do it, then select first account (press checkbox number 1):


15. “Settings” – “Networks”

Press “Unlock”. MetaMask now knows your Ledger-managed account address, but it doesn’t have access to the funds, unless you sign a transaction on the Ledger Device. Almost done! You can now switch the Ledger Device off and store it in a safe place. You will need it, if you will select to send your ISLM to someone or stake it. You should now connect MetaMask to the Haqq Network. Go to “Settings”. Then select “Networks”


16. Add a network

Press “Add a network”, then put the following values:

Network Name:

Haqq Network



Chain ID:


Currency Symbol:


Block Explorer URL:


Press “Save”.


17. Finish

You are all set and ready to go! Copy your wallet address to the clipboard or take a photo of the QR code. The Seller will use this QR code to send you your Islamic Coins.