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Validator Program

Validators play a critical role in the HAQQ Ecosystem

Welcome to HAQQ, the proof-of-stake network that empowers validators to play a crucial role in securing and verifying transactions on the blockchain. As a validator on HAQQ, you become an integral part of our network, contributing to its decentralization and security.Benefits of being a validator
CommissionEach HAQQ validator can set a commission rate to charge on fees collected to generate revenue for themselves
Limited validatorsThere is a limit of 150 validators on HAQQ, to ensure we have the highest quality validators working with us
VotingVoting within the Provenance Blockchain ecosystem allows staked-Hash holders to direct the development of the network. When governance proposals are being voted upon, validators will vote with the full weight of not only the validator's staked Hash, but the delegator's staked Hash as well, if those delegators haven't voted
Join HAQQ as a Validator Today!
Take the first step towards becoming a validator on HAQQ and contribute to the growth of our dynamic proof-of-stake network. Seize the limited validator slots, build brand awareness, and earn commissions. Embrace the future of decentralized finance with HAQQ!Next steps
1Run your own node
2Automatically be enrolled in our delegation program
3Operate validator and make your reward

HAQQ Validator Delegation Program

HAQQ Foundation stakes an important part of its ISLM Treasury to delegate to high quality validators, maximize our voice in governance, and further deepen the security and decentralization of the networkDelegation CriteriaBaseline Delegation Requirements
Eligible validators satify these program requirements:
  • 99% uptime and resiliency
  • Current and responsive on releases
  • Participation in HAQQ Blockchain governance votes
  • An active validator for full duration of quarter (not validator candidates)
Criteria for Weighing Delegation Distribution:
  • Active participation in the community channels
  • Supports the diversity of delegation and stability of the network, as well as increasing decentralization
Incremental DelegationsAwarded for contributing to HAQQ Network in one or more of the following areas:*
  • Actively contributing to open-source projects/software
  • Building a dApp
  • Creating and distributing content to broaden adoption
  • High-impact introduction